Give Women Respect Where It Is Due

Geplaatst op 03-03-2023

Categorie: Lifestyle

Do you give women more respect than they deserve? Do you put women up on a pedestal just because they are pretty?

Well it turns out you have much more going on than you think – with pounds of makeup on their face and a new dress to match women demand some sort of respect from guys…

Do they deserve it? Most of them dont

Do we give it to them? Yes

Have women come to expect that we are going to go weak at the knees and cater to their every need?

Do you realise that this action is the ONE biggest reason why you are having no success attracting women? Women want a powerful provider

a “bad boy” that is NOT impressed by them.

When every other guy is drooling and frothing at the mouth at the latest piece of arse it turns out that it’s dead easy to stand out from the crowd…

Now just to be careful here – there is a difference between not respecting women giving respect where it is due.

Many women are absolutely amazing and deserve everything and more…

But you must let them PROVE that they are worth a grain of salt in your eyes first. If you GIVE them all of your power what do you have left?

Men are automatically given power in communication roles and in society… why are you throwing it away? Take it… it could be the only thing you’ve got to work with.

Arrogant little girls with flowers in their hair might tell you your nothing… are you going to believe them? What right do they have to put you down?

First of all they don’t even know you… second of all they likely have very little going for them anyway.

This post is basically to let you know that you need to value yourself MORE.

And it turns out value women LESS… this does not mean disrespect women or put them down but just stop giving them respect and admiration where is it is not due. Beauty is only skin deep right?

Wouldn’t you like to know who is really behind that pretty little mask?

Well you should want to know and the great thing is that she is craving a guy that’s NOT interested in superficial looks but would rather talk about her life.

She wants a guy to be attracted to her but not show it… she want a normal guy with a bit of a difference… that difference is simply the nuts to walk up to her and ask her about herself.

If you are truly interested in how her day was that’s ALL you need. Some looks and money sure do help but they are NOT requirements of the job.

It’s tough for guys that are motivated by sex to NOT be impressed by a drop dead gorgeous girl.

What if you couldn’t care less how their day was and all you want is to get into their pants…and fast!

Well you need to either change your mindset or fake it till you make it. Or just accept what you want and keep trying the same old thing…

Women wont be impressed by your blatant sexual desire because EVERY other guy wants the same thing.

Do you really want to be competing with thousands of other dudes? Wouldn’t you rather be safe in the knowledge that there is perhaps one other guy in the bar your up against?

It’s no secret that women LOVE attention… They spend all of that time and money to get dolled up so that YOU will gaze longingly into their eyes/breasts and tell them how beautiful they are.

The catch 22 (A situation in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of a set of inherently illogical rules)

is that you are motivated by sex… but the only way to get sex is to NOT be motivated by it or at least come across that your not.

Women love intimacy… I get it.

But they are not so keep to jump the first weirdo in a bar with a silly pick up line.

Use sexual motivation and transmute that into personality and magnetic enthusiasm. Do you get that?

It’s ok (in fact crucial) to have some sort of sexual undertone but it should be and UNDER tone to your communication…

She will know what’s on your mind and that fact that it’s in the background is a welcome relief for her.

A guy like Richard la ruina from pua training is a genius at this… He never actually complements a women but infers interest through body language… genius.

He talks about her day and her goals and passions while slowly turning her on with subconscious body language.

It can be tough to learn but he has some great you tube videos you could check out.

So back to the main reason for this post… If you ever find a women disrespecting you be AWARE of it. She is testing you – testing whether you will take her bullshit or stand up and put her in her place.

It could be something subtle or underhanded but it will be there.

Women have much more power in society and this is a good thing… When it comes to courting and “game” however you need to have authority.

Giving respect to women just because they are pretty will only leave you with little respect in return.